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Don’t get caught out on your next camping trip with damp matches or empty lighters. This fire starter kit from Gentleman’s Hardware is perfect for any outdoor adventurer and camping enthusiasts.

This set can be used as a map scale, a serrated scraper, a bottle opener, hex wrench/spanner as well as coming with the flint cover and flint. With its space-saving small size and light weight design, this camping fire starter is easy to carry and a must-have gadget. It would make a brilliant gift for any hiker, backpacker, camper, or survivalist, perfect for Father’s Day, birthdays and Christmas.

To use this Fire Starter kit:

Remove Flint Rod from Multi-Tool
Scrape away the black protective coating on the flint rod to reveal the magnesium underneath. Scrape off a small amount of magnesium from the flint rod onto some tinder or paper using the flint rod scraper located at the base of the saw.
Firmly strike the flint rod with the saw blade to create a spark and ignite the magnesium shavings and tinder.
Carefully add wood kindling to help fuel fire.
WARNING! Do not store magnesium shavings. Prepare shavings only when needed.

Keep out of the reach of children.