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About these ‘British Red, White and Blue Balloons’:
In the national colours of the United Kingdom, these red, white and blue balloons are perfect as party decorations for celebrating the Queens Platinum Jubilee. Get some handy helpers to help inflate each balloon by hand or use a balloon pump for a speedier set up. Once inflated, attach the included ribbon to tie your balloons to a door, chairs or even outside on a lamp post for a British street party to celebrate with neighbours. Alternatively, decorate indoors and host your friends and family for the royal festivities whether that be the Platinum Jubilee Party at Buckingham Palace or Jubilee Pageant.

Balloons size: 30cm + 10m paper ribbon
Pack size: 16 Balloons

Why we love these ‘British Red, White and Blue Balloons’:
Whatever the occasion or venue, there's no better way to signpost your guests towards the celebration than with some colourful balloons. Coming in a pack of 16, we've ensured you have plenty of balloons to take your Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations to new heights. Leftover balloons? Use them for your next birthday celebration or to cheer on Team GB in sporting events throughout the year.

How to dispose of these ‘British Red, White and Blue Balloons’:
These balloons are made of latex which is a natural sap from rubber trees. The good news is that we have removed all plastic elements from the packaging and ribbon, but latex balloons can damage our world if allowed to blow away. Dispose of used balloons in your weekly waste bag. Sadly they cannot be recycled as yet, however as a natural product will biodegrade with time.

Product: General Waste
Packaging: Widely Recycled