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Rosemary Hand & body Liquid Soap

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Rosemary Hand and Body Wash

Natural, cleansing and gentle, our plant oil based hand and body wash is handmade using a 16th Century Spanish formulation for Castile Soap.

Plant oils, such as olive and coconut oils, have been used for millennia to create the best botanical soaps that are gentle on the skin, helping support its natural microbiome, leaving it cleansed and soft.

Washing, rinsing and drying your hands thoroughly will help remove dirt, germs and pathogens, but all our soaps will ensure that your skin remains moisturised.

Rosemary essential oil has antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, with a fresh, Mediterranean scent.

Rub a few drops into a lather in wet hands and wash hands and / or body. Rinse with water.

250 ml PET bottle and pump – made from recycled plastic which is light, unbreakable, sustainably made and endlessly recyclable. The label is biodegradable.


Distilled water (aqua)

Olive oil (potassium oleate)

Coconut oil (potassium cocoate)

Glycerin (a natural by-product in soap making)

Rosemary essential oil (rosmarinus officinale)

Potassium citrate

Citric acid

Linalool and limonene (naturally occurring in botanical essential oils)