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Spring Bunny Hanging Eggs LARGE

Spring Bunny Hanging Eggs LARGE

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About these 3 LARGE honeycomb eggs:
These Spring Bunny Medium Honeycomb Decorative Eggs come in green, lavender, and yellow and make great home decor, Easter tree decorations, or table decoration for the Easter Sunday lunch. Each bauble comes with colour matching satin ribbon so your customers can hang from them from branches, chairs and mantelpieces. The Easter egg decorations are made from FSC paper which comes from sustainably managed forests and are plastic free. They have a magnet closure.

Includes: 3 x 10cm honeycomb egg baubles
Colours: yellow, lavender and green

How to merchandise these 3 medium honeycomb eggs:
The colours on these three honeycomb eggs match the smaller two toned eggs in the collection. Mix and match the different sizes and create an eye-catching display fully of Easter magic.

How to dispose of these 3 medium honeycomb eggs:
These honeycomb baubles are reusable so can be brought out every Easter. However, if the time comes that they can’t be used anymore, once the ribbon and magnet are removed they can be placed in the recycling bin.

Product: reusable
Packaging: widely recycled