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Spring Bunny Hanging Eggs SMALL
Spring Bunny Hanging Eggs SMALL

Spring Bunny Hanging Eggs SMALL

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About these 3 egg honeycomb baubles:
Made from premium card, these three Spring Bunny Small Honeycomb Decorative Eggs baubles are a colourful and bright addition to your store. The Easter egg decorations are a sophisticated choice, coming in a complementing mix of ombre colours. Customers can use them as Easter tree decorations, adorn them on door handles, chairs, or an Easter wreath - the options are many. Also, no plastic is used; the honeycomb closes with a magnet making the join seamless between the card.

Includes: 3 x 8cm honeycomb egg baubles
Colours: pale yellow & pink, yellow and lavender, lavender and green

How to merchandise these 3 egg honeycomb baubles:
Hang from display pegs or put them in a bowl like your eggs at home. Display some of the honeycombs open to show the colours of each egg and watch your customers adore them.

How to dispose of these 3 egg honeycomb baubles:
These honeycomb baubles are reusable so they can be brought out year after year. However, if the time comes that they can’t be used anymore, the ribbon and magnet can be removed and the honeycomb recycled.

Product: reusable
Packaging: widely recycled